The utilization of this site (visiting, buying the products), implies the total acceptance of the utilization terms and conditions.
In case you are not agreeing with those, please stop the utilization of the provided services on the site
The following terms will be a defined in order to understand better the utilization terms and conditions:
 User – any interested person to provide the service or who access the service;
 Service – to allow access of a user at the data and information transmitted by Mattex Jeans trough Internet, with the help of the mentioned site.
The User Obligations
a. The user of the web site is obliged that when accessing the web site or when he uses the offered services to act in a legal way.
The user is obliged:
not to modify, deliver, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, give licenses, create similarly products, transfer or sell any kind of information’s or services obtained trough this web site;
to use not to permit of a third person (not to authorize) to use the service Mattex Jeans for transmitting or receive materials which disapprove the legal dispositions or which have an obscene, abusive, vulgar, threatening character or which violate any kind of intellectual property or is in any sense offensiveness;
not to proceed (not to allow) the activity of cracking and hacking, or the attacks of the type “Denial of Service?.
The users which violates the systems or network security will be proceed against, civil or penal.
b. The user is agree not to proceed against Mattex Jeans concerning any demand raised by a third person, resulting from the utilization of the service and of the Internet, also concerning any lost (directly, indirectly or in any other way), costs, actions, processes, demands, expenses ( including law expenses) or any responsibilities, instigated by Mattex Jeans a result of breaking or ignoring those terms and conditions by the user.
Responsibility limitation
a. The user states that understands and is agree with the following affirmations:
I. The utilization of the service is done on your own responsibility. So Mattex Jeansl can not be responsible for any kind of direct or indirect damages resulting from the utilization of your own site or any web sites connected to this.
II. Mattex Jeans is not responsible and does not offer any guaranty that:
the service will accomplish all your request;
the service will be available or functional 24 hours a day;
any program error or mal function will be repaired;
the presented data on the site are up-to-date or correct;
the information’s given by the user will be accepted and displayed on the site;
III. Any information obtained from the utilization of the service provided by Mattex Jeanscan be used only on the user’s responsibility. The user will be sure that the responsible person from the possible loss which can occur from the utilization of those information’s.
IV. Any advise, oral or written information’s, obtained by the user from Mattex Jeans by this service, will not create a guarantee which is not written in The Utilization Conditions.
b. The responsibility Mattex Jeans(if is established by a law court or an arbitrary court) resulted by any mode or in connection with the supply of the service in accordance with the conditions, is limited for the case of any event or in the case of any series or more events at 100 USA $.
The user knows that Mattex Jeans can not control and does not offers guarantees concerning the information’s security which are spread on Internet.
The connection with other sites
a. The service can be used by the user to find different information’s displayed by Mattex Jeans on WEB, to do the connection with the other world web sites, and also the user have to respect the politics of utilization for those sites or networks. The user have to accept that Mattex Jeans does not control these sites and does not have any responsibility concerning these sites, any link from other sites or the content of those.
b. Any other attachments of the links on other sites is done only in the purpose to be used by a user and does not implies the distribution of the materials for those sites, networks by Mattex Jeans. The user accesses those sites and does not use the products and services, except on their own risk.
The intellectual property
The user states that he knows and understands the fact that all the stylish representations, logo’s and associated symbols and their combinations with any other word or graphical symbol, used on this site, are trade marks of Mattex Jeans.
Personal data
By accessing this site you are agree with the fact that Mattex Jeans has the right to process your personal data, given when you use the service, agreeably with - Privacy rules, which are part and parcel of these conditions.
a. Changes of the conditions Mattex Jeans can change the present conditions from time to time without announcing the user. The user will find about the changes from the web site. Those changes, made like this, are considered to be accepted by the user if he continues to use the service after they are displayed on the web site.
b. Major Force Mattex Jeans is not responsible for the impossibility to conform with imposed obligations, as a result of any other cause found beyond it’s control, including the fortuitously events, unfavorable meteorological conditions, action or the inaction of the government or other officials, or other networks which Mattex Jeans is not responsible for.
c. Jurisdiction – This web site is controlled by Mattex Jeans. By accessing this site, the user accepts those conditions and any other discussion concerning them are interpreted concordantly with Romanian Law’s and the user admits to submit the exclusive jurisdiction of the Romanian laws. This web site can be accessed from anywhere in the world.Mattex Jeans does not offers any assurance that the content of this site obeys the laws (including those of intellectual property) of any countries outside Romania. If the user accesses this site outside Romania, it will do it on his risk and is responsible for obeying the laws of that territory.
d. Confidentiality Mattex Jeans does not guarantee that the using this site will be confidential. Mattex Jeans is not responsible for any damage which can occur to the user or any other person if he’s breaking the confidentiality rules. Any information that the user will transmit will be possible not to be safe during their transmission on Internet. The third persons will have the possibility to intercept these transmissions. Some services accessed by the user on this site permits to MattexJeans to receive personal informations.